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“Sharjah Biennial Update – Culture Shock”
James Brewer
Sharjah Global News Box
27 April, 2011

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“Sharjah Biennial”
Art of a Nomad
25 April, 2011

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“At the Sharjah Biennial: Getting to know the Intimate Side of Rebellion”
Daniel Kunitz
5 April, 2011

1At the Sharjah Biennial, Getting to Know the Intimate Side of Rebellion –
2At the Sharjah Biennial, Getting to Know the Intimate Side of Rebellion –
3At the Sharjah Biennial, Getting to Know the Intimate Side of Rebellion –
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“Sharjah Biennial 10: Plot for a Biennial,” Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Huffpost Arts
James Scarborough
31 March, 2011

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“The 10th Sharjah Biennial: Plot for a Biennial”
Art in Asia
13 April, 2011

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“Plot Point – Sharjah”
Nicolas Trembley
ArtForum – 29 March, 2011

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“Notes from a Biennial – Day 1, Part 1”
Sharjah Biennial 10
Sharjah Art Foundation
Guy Mannes-Abbott
15 March, 2011

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“Diversions – The Picture Show at the Sharjah Bienniel”
Raziqueh Hussain
Khaleej Times Online
14 January, 2011

New York video and installation artist Judith Barry, actively exploring video since the mid-1970s will showcase Egyptian women’s lives on video at Sharjah Bienniel.

An androgynous head is projected as if contained within a minimalist cube. Sounds of the head slowly breathing fill the space. The head is serene, waiting. Suddenly a substance pours over it from all sides, drenching it in. You want to turn away. Horror at the repulsive nature of the substance might become fascination with a kind of beauty… a contemporary sublime?

So goes Judith Barry’s description of her piece Imagination, Dead Imagine, (after Samuel Beckett) a 10 foot high, internal projection video cube that symbolizes the struggle and powerlessness of lived experience. And yet, despite the gross vicitimisation that Barry’s video represents, seeing it triggers in us a sense of sublime beauty and fascination. Barry plays on this all too familiar power relationship that occurs daily along the lines of gender, social rank, finance, or the law and in the workplace, on the street or at home. Imagination, Dead Imagine characterises the environment of abuse and tolerance in which many people, in order to survive, must live.

Judith Barry has been actively exploring video since the mid-1970s. Her work has been shown extensively in North America and Europe.

An art installation by New York video and installation artist Barry will be up at the Sharjah Bienniel in March. “Not reconciled: Cairo Stories, which is the work I will show at the Sharjah Biennial, will present stories of Caireen women’s lives, based on many interviews I collected over several years. They will be shown as a series of projections along the paths that visitors to the Sharjah Biennial take as they visit the exhibition. These stories appear and disappear out of nowhere and the visitors will discover them as proceed through the Biennial,” says the artist.

It’s people who inspire Barry. “People inspire me. I am continuously amazed by them,” she says matter-of-factly.

Barry is an artist and writer whose work crosses a number of disciplines: performance, installation, sculpture, architecture, photography, and new media. She has exhibited internationally at such venues as the Berlin Biennale, Venice Biennales of Art/Architecture, Sao Paolo Biennale, Nagoya Biennale, Carnegie International, Whitney Biennale, and the Sydney Biennale, among others. In 2000 she won the Kiesler Prize for Architecture and the Arts, and in 2001 she was awarded “Best Pavilion” at the Cairo Biennale. But what kind of an artist does she describe herself as? “Just artist. As I work in a number of mediums, I don’t define myself by the type of media I work in. My work is research-based and both the form and the content come out of my research,” she says.

As a child Barry lived in many different cities and that had a very big influence on her. “I studied art and architecture in school and in graduate school I studied film, among other things. I began performing publicly in art school and gradually moved more into video and installation. I don’t have a signature style: both the form and content of my work emerge out of my research,” she adds.

Being an artist hasn’t been a childhood dream. “Oh no! I wanted to be many things when I was little. It changed every week,” she laughs.

She doesn’t have any one particular artist whom she can name as an inspiration. “There are many artists that I appreciate from both the past and the present and from whom I have learned a great deal. There are numerous to mention,” she says.

Barry is currently working on a project in St Petersburg, Russia.

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Sharjah Art Museum & Collections Building

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Judith Barry in Khaleej Times

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